PTA Achievements

Soooo...What does the PTA *DO*?

Why do we fundraise?

The money from our membership and donations fund after school programs including, but not limited to, Family Fun Nights, Art Club, Garden Club. In the 2021-2022 school year, we were able to offer teacher grants in order to provide new enrichment for students, including a focus on student's Social and Emotional Learning, as well as creating the Eagle's Nest learning space. In year's past, we were able to help fund field trips, transportation, and much more.

A portion of your PTA membership dues also go to fund state and national advocacy programs that help all students.

We appreciate every bit of fundraising support we receive from Endeavour families, staff, and local businesses. If you have any ideas for fundraisers, please reach out to us!

Pictures say:

"Materials and classroom items for my 19 incredible [students]! I will purchase books, colored pencils, magnets, and math manipulatives. Also a microphone for Author's chair and STEM materials."

"Timers, math manipulatives, thesauruses, new books, clip boards, & organizational tools"

"Classroom supplies purchased for school year-laminate sheets, books, student gifts, student supplies, craft supplies, teacher supplies. Thank you!!"

"Buying culturally diverse texts and books to represent the diversity in my classroom ."

"Hello PTA! I wanted to share what I purchased using my teacher grant this year. These are called Math Stackers! They help to learn all the different partners of 10, how numbers are built and how they can be taken apart and so much more. The kids and I are so excited about this new addition to our classroom! Thank you PTA! "

Sometimes we get asked—-

"Why are you always fundraising?"

"Where does the money go?"

Well my personal favorite, is the Teacher Grants. Each year, our PTA makes a directed donation to the certified teachers in our building to use at their discretion. We all know that our teachers put in so much extra love with our students, and sometimes that comes at a cost that the districts don't pay for. Whether it's "treasure chest incentives", extra tools for teaching, or having books that look like the families of themselves, friends, and neighbors, they are important for our students to find the joys in attending our school.

Thank you for your support of the PTA!

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